The Hands of Lau was about training a new generation of Lau Family stuntmen and woman, Talks are undergoing about making it into a reality show.
In2016 he produced and co directed and fight coordinated a documentary about himself called "i am the White Tiger" He also oped his own film production company with his daughter, White Tiger Film Productions HK Mark has several projects lined up these are "China Heist" and "Sweet and Sour" and his Sifu's last script, The story of Luk Ah Choy in which one day Mark hopes to produce. Mark is now busy building up the New Lau Family Stunt Team and looking for new action actors to become future stars.

Here are just some of the films Mark Houghton has appeared in 
Actor (41 credits)
 1998Knock Off 
 1996Wan choi ng fuk sing 
Blonde Henchman
 1995Angel on Fire 
Foreign Buyer's Bodyguard
 1995The Vengeance 
Police Detective
 1995China Dragon 
 1994Zhang bao zi 
 1993Tian shi kuang long 
White Thug (as Hok-dun Mak)
 1993Meng xing xue wei ting 
 1992Jin san jiao qun ying hui 
Blonde Gunman
 1992Huang jin dao shi 
 1992Yao guai du shi 
Police Superintendent
 1992Fight Back to School II 
 1992Huan kan jin zhao (Video) 
Mark (as Mak Gou)
 1991Hei xue 
 1991Red Fists 
Blonde Thug
 1991Eastern Heroes 
FBI Agent Jacky
 1991Hong tian long 
Jack - FBI Agent
 1990Dou shi sha xing 
Blond Thug
 1990Shou hu fei long 
 1990Lethal Lady 
Hit Man
 1990Lao hu chu geng II 
 1990Dei tau lung 
Drug Dealer
 1989Huang jia fei feng 
 1989Miao tan shuang long 
 1989Jin pai shi jie 
Blond Thug
 1989Mu zhong wu ren 
Caucasian Thug
Stunts (3 credits)
 1991Hero's Blood (stunt coordinator) 
 1991Double Impact (stunt performer - uncredited) 
 1991The Turbulent Affair (stunt coordinator) 
Miscellaneous Crew (1 credit)
 1994The Legend of Drunken Master (assistant martial arts choreographer - uncredited)